January 14, 2020

Good Advice

I got some good advice on what to use the Cinzano Rosso for.

The suggestion was for something with Bourbon to make up for the lack of sweetness in the Cinzano, so a Manhattan or a Boulevardier were the obvious answers.

I went for the Boulevardier.

I got some good advice on what to use the Cinzano Rosso for

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How To Make: Boulevardier


  • 35ml of bourbon
  • 35ml of Campari
  • 50ml of sweet vermouth
  • A dash of Angostura
  • Garnish with orange rind
  • Preferred glass would be a cocktail glass

The Boulevardier is the type of cocktail to go for when you can't make up your mind between a Negroni, or a Manhattan. My two favourite cocktails.

I make this with a little more sweet vermouth than most recipes suggest.

Stir the spirits together with ice in a glass mixing jug. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Use a citrus stripper to peel a rind of orange, but do this over the glass so that the oils from the skin coat the surface of the drink. Drape the rind over the edge of the glass.

Admire it's beauty. Then, straight up, smash it.

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