What is this?

I like cocktails. I always have.

I did my bartending Tour Of Duty and a bar called FREVD in London’s Soho between 1990 – 2001. The late 80’s did a great disservice to the world of cocktails, with the massive popularity of premium bottled beer. A disservice to beer in general as well… but I digress.

My workmates and I got bored of spending evening after evening opening bottles of Sol and shoving a lime in the top, so we started serving rudimentary cocktails. Cheap, large, simple and most of all… good. We diversified and started making up a few of our own, but nothing to the caliber of the great Dick Bradsell though (we were fans, and I’d often hang out in Fred’s most evenings, he’d ask me how I felt, and then I’d drink whatever he gave me). Some of the drinks we made up still exist on the menu board at FREVD, go look.

Anyways, I love to make a cocktail at the end of the day, and my only main clientele nowadays is my cat Ferris who sits on a bar stool at my kitchen counter. He doesn’t have a favourite drink, he just likes to watch.

Remember, it’s always “Drink O’Clock” somewhere in the world…