January 8, 2017

Late night G&T: gin, tonic and ice.

Look closely, you will see Ferris lurking, like the late-night barflycat that he is.

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How To Make: Gin & Tonic

Late night G&T: gin, tonic and ice.

  • 50ml of Gin
  • Top with Indian Tonic Water
  • Loads of ice
  • Garnish with slices of lemon
  • Preferred glass would be a highball

Wash the lemon. Cut a full slice of that lemon straight through the middle, like it's cover art for a Stone Roses album. Rub the lemon around the rim of the highball glass, focussing on getting the flavour on the outside of the glass. Then stick it inside the glass, directly to the wall.

I can't stress how important the need of loads of ice is for this drink. Ram the glass full so that by the time you add the gin, the glass is half full of liquid. Then when you top it up with tonic the gin to tonic ratio is about 1-1.

The garnish is already done, that was the lemon part, but you'll need to add a stirring device. This could be a straw, but cut it to a length that is no more that 2-3cm beyond the rim of the glass. A stirring stick is better, that way the drinker has to drink from the glass, not through a straw. That way they get the flavour of the lemon on their tongue when they take their first sip.